Track Bikes

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Classic and retro pre-1987 track bikes for sale.

Track Bikes photo 300 backgroundThis category includes fixed-wheel bikes (fixies) that can be used on the road. We’ve got all sorts, from track bikes raced by champions of the velodrome and grass track, to bikes ridden by club riders in the 1950s and ‘60s who did everything on them; club runs, training, going to work and back, and a bit of light racing. If you can’t see what you want it might still be in stock or we may be able to build or source it, so please contact us with the ‘Contact us’ button on the green tool  bar the top of this page. 

Raleigh 753 custom-built track bike

Raleigh 753 custom-built track bike with many rare parts

Sales price: £1,900.00

TI Raleigh Track Bike

This bike was raced by TI-Raleigh rider and British ...

Sales price: £1,200.00