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All of our wheels are built by Dave Marsh, who has built wheels used by British, Commonwealth, World and Olympic Champions, including Sir Bradley Wiggins. Dave’s initiation to the art and science of wheel building came in 1962, when he was 12 years old. “My dad built wheels, and one day he gave me an old pair and told me to strip and rebuild them. He showed me the basics, then watched me do it, explaining bits along the way.”

Dave’s education continued when he started work at Carlton Cycles, when he came under the wing of the head of Carlton’s wheel department, Ted Rimmington. “Ted was a real expert. He didn’t just to bike wheels either, he built spoked wheels for cars and motor cycles as well. Ted taught me all the ways to lace the spokes; tangential, Spanish, Continental, there are a good few more, too. Then he taught me how to build them, and I just carried on from there.”

Dave has nearly 55 years of wheel building experience, and over that time he’s built all sorts of combinations in many different ways for every aspect of cycling, from sport to recreation. No one is better qualified to build you custom complete wheels than Dave.

Pick what you want from our rims and hubs click the ‘contact us’ button on the green tool bar above and tell us. Our complete wheels are subject to a delivery charge, which you see at ‘checkout’ when purchasing.

Mavic Champion du Monde Professional sprint rims

Hand-built Retro Road Wheels

Sales price: £225.00

Mavic Montlhery Leggere sprint rims

Hand-built Retro Road Wheels

Sales price: £275.00