TI-Raleigh Worksop built track frame in original finish

TI-Raleigh, Worksop-built track frame in original finish

TI-Raleigh, Worksop-built track frame in original finish
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TI-Raleigh, Worksop-built track frame in original finish-   SOLD

In the early days of the TI Raleigh team, before 1974, team frames were made by Carlton Cycles, which Raleigh owned, in their Worksop factory. The frames were still built individually by expert frame builders, all working under the direct supervision of Gerald O’Donovan.

This frame in the original TI Raleigh team frame finish, which had a yellow head tube not the more familiar and later black, has a 22 inch (56cm) seat tube (measured centre to top). It is built with Reynolds 531 double-butted tubing throughout and has close clearances for hard track tubulars 

The Fischer fork crown on this model is especially interesting in that it has been adapted with reinforcing tangs to provide extra stiffness in the frame. This design was created by Eddy Hazlehurst, who used it to build frames for the 1970 track sprint world champion Gordon Johnson of Australia.

The adaptation was required to cope with the huge torque force applied on a frame by a world class sprinters like Johnson, and it can be seen on other parts of this frame.  The bottom bracket, with the letters C C cut out by lug-work artist Bob Keeling to show it was made by Carlton Cycles, has additional tangs for added stiffness, while the seat-stay bridge is reinforced with diamond tangs

The frame has Campagnolo front and rear track ends, the rear ends having been drilled in the Carlton works. It’s fitted with a Campagnolo Record steel headset and a Sugino track square-taper bottom bracket. 

Price: £800, plus £45.00 UK delivery: SOLD

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